How This Sexologist Became a Vegetarian and Gluten-Free


How This Sexologist Became a Vegetarian and Gluten-Free
A personal story of how a sexologist became a vegetarian and turned gluten-free within 5 years

I became vegetarian five to six years ago. This was when I was traveling back and forth between Singapore and the U.S. for my studies. At that time, I was eating a lot of burgers and sandwiches when I was in the states. I decided to go on a detox, get off meat, and see how long I can do it for. Within a few days, I notice a surge of energy through my body. I felt better than I have ever been for years. So I was got curious about being a vegetarian.

I did more research and realized because I was ignorant, realized that and at most they’ve been injected with hormones so that they can produce more milk or more eggs and of course, them being injected affects their produce and also then in turn affects us human beings. That kind of scared me because I’ve always known that I’m a sensitive person.

The next thing that started to develop was my compassion for animals. I soon realized that I just couldn’t go back to eating animals because I started to realize being intelligent beings that they are surely they feel that they experience and they know they’re being killed is no good for us humans.

After becoming a vegetarian and feeling good, I still got remarks from my friends that I look pregnant and my stomach got bloated very badly and I would also get people on the trains, public transport offering to give me a seat because they genuinely think I’m pregnant.

I also realized for the longest time that when I eat bread or cakes, my body – my stomach would bloat and my body would just feel heavy. I would just constantly ignore it to just sensitivity and there’s not much I can do because there’s wheat in everything, right?

Last December, I read this book called Life after Bread and it really scared me. It states that most people cannot digest gluten and over the long term, what this does is it leads to constipation and I’ve had constipation all my life. It leads to constipation, indigestion, constipation, and therefore, malnutrition. The body is not able to absorb all the nutrients and it can overtime lead to other terminal illnesses such as cancer. So I knew that was me. I – when I ate bread, my stomach will bloat. I have sensitivity. I’m sensitive.

I tried it last year, a couple of times to donate my blood but I was mildly anemic, not enough iron. So that is linked to my malnutrition. So I’ve been off gluten since January this year 2014 and I’m now able to have more regular bowel movement from once a week previously all my life to twice or three times a week now. I am feeling much better, much more connected with my body and so my diet is not just a way of being looking more beautiful but a way of just wanting to take better care of my health, not take my health for granted.

It’s very much linked to the way of being I want to be, the kind of person I want to be which is about being more conscious.

This article was originally published at Eros Coaching. Reprinted with permission.
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