6 More Eco-Conscious Ideas For A Better World And A Better You


6 More Eco-Conscious Ideas For A Better World And A Better You
Here are six tips on how you can have sex more consciously and also be kind to the environment.

Earth Day is on April 22. Are you ready for it? Can you be eco-friendly and sexual at the same time?

  1. When you get fruits, get GE-free food which means free from being genetically modified. There really hasn't been enough studies to know for sure if this food may have any kind of effect on your health.
  2. Green Peace also recommends that we cut down on eating oysters and shellfish as aphrodisiacs because as our ocean is being destroyed in a very fast rate. We need to maybe look at other alternatives that are more eco conscious.
  3. Eat aphrodisiacs like asparagus, ginger, avocado, artichoke can turn on women, cinnamon, mango, squash, chocolate, celery, nuts, fruits especially red ones, and figs instead. 
  4. Shower time. Showering and soaping up together can also help save water and fuel passion.
  5. Make love, not war. If everyone was happy, truly happy with themselves in their relationships, in every aspect of their lives, then they’re not going to go out looking for trouble and making war.
  6. Role playing instead of dressing up. For instance, you can play with your partner - doctor-nurse, teacher-school boy.
  • As long as you guys are consenting and you agree on what’s permissible and what’s not up front, role playing can be great fun!
  • Just remember that fantasies do not always need to play out in real life.
  • Discuss your boundaries and keep certain things in the bedroom.

So let Love be a philosophy of your life, and let love begin from you. Let love start from within. Check out 7 more tips here!

My Eco Sex campaign's message is about sustainable living by going green between the sheets and outside of the bedroom. The month brings attention to our relationship with our bodies. Besides addressing what you can do to feel good about yourself, it also highlights positive self-care habits, and includes being savvy about the purchase of personal care items including sex toys and lubricants. Subscribe to my Eco Sex campaign here. Follow my Eco Sex Facebook page here!

This article was originally published at Eros Coaching. Reprinted with permission.
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