The Benefits Of Platonic Unconditional Love


Love: The Benefits Of Platonic Unconditional Love
Can diving in unconditionally help your non-romantic relationships with your friends?

Become deliberate and intentional about the way you manage relationships with people around you. Take time to see the person in your life that needs a touch, a tender word, a smile, or a listening ear. Be thankful for the opportunity to share with them what they need. 

Unconditional love is desirable as it satisfies our need for completeness. It satisfies our need for fellowship and communion with each other. In order to be whole, we have to share something of ourselves with others without expecting we will get anything back. We often think of unconditional love as just being romantic, but can diving in unconditionally help your non-romantic relationships? Could loving and trusting big help you in your career and friendships? Why don't you try it and find out! 

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