How Do I Tell My Father I'm Engaged?


How Do I Tell My Father I'm Engaged? [EXPERT]
Three ways explain to your dad that he is not the only man in your life.

2. She should create a few more silly or outlandish things her dad might be thinking. Hopefully, by now, she will realize that she doesn't really know as much about her dad as she thinks she does.

3. Kate needs to find a creative way to share the process with him. She could make a father's day card that lists all the possibilities and starts with "I wonder what you would think if I told you that Jason and I want to get married." Then list the possibilities: "you would be…" and ask him to check the correct answers. She could also just have the conversation starting with "Dad, I think you know how much I love you, but I really don't understand you. I keep making up stories about what I imagine you are thinking. Could you tell me if any of these stories are true?" Lastly, Kate and Jason could approach her dad together and simply tell him the truth and ask for his blessing.

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