11 Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage


11 Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage
Learn other women's secrets for creating satisfying and fulfilling marriages.

Another resource is what women themselves think in retrospect would've been helpful to know before they were married. When I asked women who had been married both successfully and unsuccessfully what they wish they had known before actually saying "I do" their answers fell into these areas.

What Other Women Wish They Had Known


1. You don’t know you don’t know

These answers focus on learning that the cultural myths that girls learn about marriage have very little to do with the reality of marriage.

2. You need to know about you
Girls are taught to focus their attention on pleasing others. To have a successful marriage women need to know about themselves.

3. Don't hurry, take your time
Rushing into making important decisions creates more problems than it solves.

4. Family patterns are important
When you are trying to create your own family it's important to understand the beliefs that are ingrained in each of you.

5. You don't notice very important things
No one fully understands what leads us to make the choices we make and it's very challenging to come to terms with those choices in a marriage.

6. You need to discuss your values
The way you manage disagreements about values is critical to the success of your marriage.

7. Physical issues take attention and communication
Physical issues in marriage involve your intimate sexual relationship and much, much more.

8. Getting married doesn't cure bad behavior
Ignoring difficult issues can allow them to grow into insurmountable obstacles to the success of your marriage.

9. Stay conscious about money
It's important to take joint responsibility for the financial success of your life and your marriage.

10. Spiritual and religious values are important
Sharing your beliefs with each other helps you create a shared sense of what matters most in your lives.

11. Secrets that make marriage work
The critical factors that women in successful marriages wish they had known right from the start.

Look inside this book for a complete list of the 99 things these women wish they had known in order to have satisfying and fulfilling marriages. Then share it with a friend who needs it.

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