Don’t Let Your Child Be A Weiner Online


Don’t Let Your Child Be A Weiner Online
Don’t let your child be a Weiner online: 7 tips to manage your child’s online behaviors.

Let them know that whatever they post they must feel it would be okay to share with their parents.

  • Use media scandals as an opportunity to discuss with your child how they would handle that situation. What can they learn from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s sex videos or Charlie Sheen’s behavior? Be open to listening to your child’s thoughts before your jump in with your parental advice.
  • Using a computer is not a “right”. Many children feel they are entitled to use the computer as the desire and some will say they are doing homework as they chat with their friends. Using the computer is not a right, and if a child shows that they cannot not be responsible, then pull in your parenting reigns and limit the time on the computer to just homework time and have them do their homework in a place where you can observe their behaviors. Be clear on what the consequences will be if they violate this rule.
  • You can teach your child to be responsible by creating clear and consistent rules around online behaviors. As one of the parents I worked with so eloquently said, “When you are responsible then it may be possible”. Use these 7 tip to help your child become clear on what behavior is acceptable online, so they don’t ever become a Weiner!

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