You’re Really NOT Alone


You’re Really NOT Alone
I started to take stock of my life that night, and got really clear that help was definitely needed.

Now just to clarify with you, Johnny and I are not dating coaches. We are Love Mentors who teach you how to step into your power and find soulmate love. If you are not looking just to keep dating and dating, then you don’t want a dating coach, you want a love coach. These are two different outcomes from working with two very different types of coaches.

So, the #3 Biggest Love Blocking Belief is:
I have to do this all alone, and if I don’t attract a good man it means there is something wrong with me.


There’s NOTHING wrong with you! You’ve simply been conditioned to think that there is.

So, my sister, it is time to believe again. Give yourself another chance, give yourself another shot at that True Love that I know you’ve longed for all your life… otherwise you wouldn’t be here, reading this right now.

After all the pain and heartache I went through in my past relationships, I’m thankful I was tough enough to say I’ll believe again, and my desire for love was so strong I said I’ll learn whatever I need to learn to be my best self and attract the right man for me, the man – and the relationship – I deserved. I wanted to find my man and be with him and spend my life fulfilled, not always wondering if there’s someone better out there for me. I believed that I deserved the best, and I went about making sure that I got it. What do you feel that you deserve?

So…here’s to YOU, living your best life with your soulmate by your side. I look forward to helping you magnetize your soulmate to you!

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