You’re Really NOT Alone


You’re Really NOT Alone
I started to take stock of my life that night, and got really clear that help was definitely needed.

It was another Saturday night alone for me as a single woman. I sat in my apartment feeling very alone, unworthy, and rejected. I remember lying there on my bed in the fetal position, after a particularly painful breakup (with a man I had hoped was my soulmate) earlier in the day.

The problem was, this scene that I’m describing was not an unusual occurrence in my life. I’d had this happen before. Me, sobbing, writing in my journal, and then calling a girlfriend to do a tear-filled, curse-word-filled, post-mortem on the relationship. Can you relate?


But something inside of me started to change that night. For the first time, I was painfully aware that this was a scene I had been in more times than I cared to admit. I started to take stock of my life that night, and got really clear that I needed help in this area of relationships. I didn’t know exactly what that “help” was going to look like, but God and I had a long conversation about it and came to the agreement that help was definitely needed.

And from that commitment to getting support and help, I attracted a love mentor. She was someone who had already consciously and intentionally attracted her soulmate to her, and was teaching others the inner work to becoming a magnet to soulmate love. I learned SO FRIGGIN’ MUCH from her, and from doing workshops and classes and reading books and growing myself … and my whole life started to shift and change for the better. Not only did I start to attract better quality men then ever, but my practice took off and grew like never before and I experienced more ease and abundance then ever too.

And in just a few short years later, I met Johnny. And you know what? The practices and principles that I learned from all that support and help I received are what I use to this day to continually evolve and grow and live the life of my dreams! And this is why Johnny and I continue to have a healthy, thriving relationship as we celebrate 12 years of marriage.

You see, all of us were conditioned for how to DO our relationships. We were conditioned by our parents, by TV, by family members, by our friends in high school, and conditioned by our previous relationships.

And this is usually pretty crummy conditioning.

The thing is, many people know that for business success, you want to get a business coach, someone who has results you want. But in the relationships and love area… the most important area of life, the person you spend the rest of your life with- there’s no mentoring, no coaching, and the expectation that it’s all just supposed to fall together…like magic… like in the fairy tales that we grew up with and the romantic comedies that we watch.

That’s “magical thinking” that we’ve been taught to have, and it doesn’t work. Well, it may work once in awhile for some people, but it wasn’t working for me – how’s it working for you? Yeah…I thought so.

When you get new information, new insights, and support your whole view of relationships changes. And your view of yourself. And your view of men. And your view of how amazingly powerful YOU are!

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