You Are A Manifesting Queen! That's Awesome! Except ...


You Are A Manifesting Queen! That's Awesome! Except ...
Have you been using a "Manifest Mindset" towards love? Find out How to be a Manifesting QUEEN!

You create a beautiful foundation of manifesting power, and add it to a mentor who can help you overcome your specific fears, doubts and worries (about men, relationships, dating, love…all that) and who will help you see through your blindspots… now THAT is magical!

I remember when my Love Coach helped me see that I was the common denominator in all of my failed relationships, and that it was who I was BEING that had me attracting those guys that simply were not a match for me.


It’s not that I had to BE anyone else. I simply had to learn how to BE my best version of myself… and that would be enough… and would be attractive to the RIGHT man for me! Cool, huh?

In this culture, we have all been conditioned to think certain things about ourselves, about men and about relationships that simply do NOT serve your highest vision for your life and your love life. It’s simply not your fault if you haven’t found your guy yet! You’ve essentially been brainwashed (like most of us) to have mediocre or just “okay” relationships! In order to have an extraordinary relationship, you’re going to have to do something that the masses are not doing; you’re going to have to do something DIFFERENT.

So, use your “Manifest Mindset” as the beautiful base of your commitment to learn more about yourself, about relationships, and about how to be magnetic to not just your soulmate, but magnetic to the life of your dreams! (Hint: as you increase your magnetism to your soulmate, the rest of your life just gets better and better!)

So, have you been using a Manifest Mindset towards love? Are you willing to use that as your springboard to more learning and personal growth? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you HERE on the blog and I’ll do my best to respond to every comment.

Until next week…

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