You Are A Manifesting Queen! That's Awesome! Except ...


You Are A Manifesting Queen! That's Awesome! Except ...
Have you been using a "Manifest Mindset" towards love? Find out How to be a Manifesting QUEEN!

When I was single, I remember getting together with my single-and-hating-it girlfriends one night to do a “vision party”. We cut out magazines and inspirational words of our ideal lives with our soulmates to put into a vision binder. This was over 14 years ago, way before the movie The Secret came out and the “Law of Attraction” became such a common phrase. We spoke blessings over our visions. We drank wine. We cried. We laughed. And even saged our visions, lit candles, burned incense. We were going to manifest our soulmates, dammit!

I looked over my vision binder several times a week, I created a 12 page soulmate manifesting list, I had a love altar in my home. I journaled. I prayed. I did affirmations up the wazoo.


And I was excited. I went through all the motions that I was “supposed” to do and I was sure that that was all that I needed to do and poof! magically soon he would appear.

Only it wasn’t happening.

What WAS happening was that I was getting more and more frustrated by the day, by the week and by the month, wondering where the f&!k was he?!? I mean, hadn’t I done EVERYTHING I was supposed to do to make it happen?

But then, I met a man. A nice man. A sweet man who I fell in love with. Only to find out he wasn’t the one for me. I was heartbroken and devastated. At this point, I vowed to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I didn’t know exactly what that meant at that time, but I made a decision to get some help in this area of attracting love.

And it turned out that that moment, that decision, is what made all the difference. That was the turning point for me on my soulmate journey.

That’s when things started to get really interesting and magical.

Within just a few days of that decision, I met a Love Coach. Yep, coaching as a profession was just starting to gain some popularity in those days and while there were dozens of business and life coaches that I was meeting, I had never met or even heard of a Love Coach! So I took that as a sign that my decision was heard by God, and so I started working with her right away and invested lots of time, energy and money in workshops, courses, books, and personal growth… and not that much time later, I met Johnny.

What I learned from that experience was that just doing “manifesting” wasn’t gonna cut it. It was a very important and good start, for sure! I really got that it was the DECISION to do it differently that made all the difference in finally having a different and way better result than ever before.

You see, the #2 Biggest Love Blocking Belief is:

With my “Manifest Mindset” I have all I need, and my soulmate will simply show up.

Now, let me be very clear here. Doing all of these “manifesting things” is really a great start, a good beginning. I am NOT against it! But there must be MORE than that. And that’s where the learning, from coaching, workshops, and telecourses that love experts like Johnny and I offer comes in.

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