How Reframing Your Life Can Bring You Closer To Love


How Reframing Your Life Can Bring You Closer To Love
What stories are you telling yourself about finding the love of your life?

I recently talked to a client of mine who has been online dating. She had been connecting with several very interesting men who she thought were very promising and was excited to learn more about them and to start the “Relationship Exploration” process (aka dating). The emails were going back and forth wonderfully, excitement was building… and then suddenly, they disappeared on her. All three of them. Just stopped emailing. MIA.

This amazing client had an opportunity to tell herself a story about what happened with the MIA-men. She could choose to think that something was wrong with her, that the messages that she sent out to them were somehow off-putting and even repelling… OR she could choose to think that the Universe was simply clearing the way for her One, by moving them aside.


She decided to re-frame the story into one that would make her feel better and help her move on from that experience quickly, so she could be energetically clear to keep going on her Soulmate Attraction Journey. And that’s what she chose to do.

What about you? What stories are you telling yourself about finding the love of your life? If what you see is what you eventually get, are you actively looking for the blessings in your soulmate?

Or is it pity-party drama, like something out of a telenovela? Or something in between?

Here’s the deal: You can’t attract what you don’t see. If you keep telling yourself a sad story about your relationships and your life, it’s pretty much impossible to attract something different!

Am I telling you to be like PollyAnna and to practice positive thinking?


Listen, nothing has meaning except the meaning YOU give it. Start to collect evidence that every time a relationship doesn’t work out, that it’s just paving the way for the RIGHT MAN (or woman) to show up. Ask yourself at those challenging times, “how is this paving the path to my soulmate?” and “what is wanting to emerge here?” and “what can I learn from this?”

Now your BS-meters may start to go off in your own head at first, but that’s okay. Just start to collect evidence that the Universe wants to support you and that everything is happening for a reason, and that it will eventually serve you… and you know what? Eventually you will start to believe it. And since your beliefs create your circumstances, your life will just get better and better and the type of relationships that you attract will get better and better.

So keep going girlfriend, and keep collecting evidence that supports your vision of your dream life!

“What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”
– Brian Tracy

P.S. If you’re like most people who are single and don’t want to be, chances are you’re not looking for just ANYONE… You’re looking for your SOULMATE!

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