Is soulmate love in your future? 3 ways to ensure it will be.


Is soulmate love in your future? 3 ways to ensure it will be.
I’m going to ask some serious love questions…

One of the biggest mistakes we see over and over are people TRYING TO FIND A NEW KIND OF RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT SUPPORT

The thing is, many people know that for business success, you want to get a business coach, someone who has results you want. There are all kinds of networking groups, such as E-women, BNI, or more specific groups like toastmasters for public speaking, and within those communities, leaders paving the way….But in the relationships and love area, the most important area of life, attracting the person you spend the rest of your life with- there’s no mentoring, no coaching, and there’s the expectation that its all just supposed to fall together…like magic. As if life is like in the fairy tales that we grew up with and the romantic comedies that we watch. That’s “magical thinking” that we’ve been taught to have, and it doesn’t work.


And we find that most people don’t know that this kind of support exists – which is why they’re thrilled to find a someone to hold their hand through the soulmate finding journey.

When you get new information, new insights, and support, your whole view of what’s possible for you in relationships changes.

3. Be clear on where you’re going – get a roadmap.

A plan helps you get where you want to go. Again, this is one of those areas in business where we just feel like it’s a given – imagine where you want to be in 5 years, create the plan and strategy, have a mentor look over it, and keep refining! Yet in Love, we create the altar, we get our manifestation mojo going – then feel unsure of what else to do, and unwilling to reach out for expert help…then wonder why things don’t turn out.

Definitely DO the altar, get on your manifestation mojo, now ALSO add the plan. Even better if the plan is created with expert help from someone who has done it before (you don’t want to learn to ski from someone who has only read it in a book, you want an expert skier, right?)

I’m sending you a BIG dose of love and support on your journey for true love.

Here’s to YOUR soulmate success,

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