Is soulmate love in your future? 3 ways to ensure it will be.


Is soulmate love in your future? 3 ways to ensure it will be.
I’m going to ask some serious love questions…
  • Do you keep on attracting the same guy over and over? That one that just won’t commit, or just seems to want a little “you know what” and nothing else…Wondering why you keep attracting the same man in a different body?
  • Did you know your “manifestation mindset” could be holding you back in love?
  • Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering – WHERE ARE ALL THOSE QUALITY MEN!?!?

In our 7 years of working with single women – we find them asking these questions over and over.

Soulmate love conjures up this idea of butterflies in the stomach, our prince charming coming in a sweeping us off on his white horse, someone that just takes us away from all of our problems. And when we see our reality that looks much different we think we’re broken, or something’s wrong with us – “why can’t I just get it right?!”


And the truth about love is quite different. It’s deeply satisfying and rewarding, but its also work. It can also be simply called “effort”.

All of us were conditioned for how to DO our relationships. We were conditioned by our parents, by TV, by family members, by our friends in high school, and conditioned by our previous relationships.

And this is usually pretty crummy conditioning.

I, along side my soulmate Johnny, are love coaches. Now just to clarify, we are not dating coaches. We are Love Mentors who teach you how to step into your power and find soulmate love. And I want to be your love mentor in this article – we want to be your Love Mentors, because if you are not looking just to keep dating and dating and dating… then you don’t want a dating coach, you want a love coach.

As your love mentor, I’m going to discuss 3 ways you can get more support in your love life.

1. Look at your community -

Who is it that you’re spending time with? Many of you have heard of the Napoleon Hill saying, that you are the sum of your 5 people you spend the most time with.. well now there’s a study to back this up. Friends, Family Are The Biggest Influences On Our Health. A global survey, conducted by a research firm that interviewed 15,000 people living in 12 countries found that over half of the people surveyed said their social circles have the most impact on their lifestyle choices.. Researchers also confirmed what many of us already know: That there’s an “action gap” between peoples’ desire to be healthy and their willingness to change. This is staggering evidence that our behaviors are heavily influenced by our environment.

So we want to ask – who is in your community? How are they supporting you in your journey to finding a soulmate? If you find they’re ridiculing you, or clueless about what you even MEAN about wanting extraordinary love, or telling you to be with someone that you know in your heart just isn’t right, then this may be a sign that you need a new community of friends that can be fully supportive of your new goals.

2. Find people who have what you want

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