Ready to MAN-ifest already? Sick of being alone?


Ready to MAN-ifest already? Sick of being alone?
Know the importance of learning how to love your plateau.

This is what I’m inviting you to do on your soulmate journey. Learn to LOVE YOUR PLATEAUS. It’s also known as “savoring the waiting”. Yes, as you are doing your inner work, growing yourself in mind, body, spirit and heart, decide that this time alone is sacred. Because it is. When you hit your plateaus, welcome them as the fertile ground for your next epiphany about yourself or your soulmate journey.

No matter what... don’t give up on Soulmate Love. Don’t give up on YOU.


“How can we speak of joy on this dark and suffering planet? ...How can we speak of anything else? We have heard enough of despair.” 


- George Leonard


People are always saying, “Love yourself,” “Self-care is important,” “The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” But what the heck does all this self-love talk really mean? And more importantly how do you actually ‘do’ it? Easy! Check this out.

Christine Arylo, the founder of the International Day of Self Love (Feb 13th) just wrote this breakthrough book on self-love that takes you beyond the idea of valuing, loving and caring for yourself into daring acts that help you experience it. It’s called Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend. It’s a must read!


P.P.S. Is emotional eating stressing you out? Johnny and I know through experience that the key to attracting your soulmate is to raise your vibration, lower your stress, and love yourself. We love to bring you resources to help you with that.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we want to make sure you feel EXTRA supported.


This is why we want to introduce you to our friend and colleague, Kristen Kancler, who wrote an e-book called, “Stop Feeling Like a Prisoner: 7 Keys to Free Yourself From Emotional Eating.” This can help you to align with a healthy and vibrant you, which opens the door to love, helps you to release guilt and shame, and have peace with food. Click here to get your free copy!

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