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Morning Love Power Questions

Love, Self

What if YOU asked yourself these questions every morning? How would that set the course of your day?

Every morning, when I’m hugging and kissing Isabelle good bye as she is leaving for school, we have a little ritual. I ask her 4 questions:


1. Who is worthy of everything wonderful? (She answers, “I am worthy of everything wonderful!)

2. Who loves and accepts herself EXACTLY as she is, right now? (She answers, “I love and accept myself EXACTLY as I am right now!)

3. Who is ready to make it a great day? (“I am”, she says)

And then I ask,

4. And WHO is responsible for making it a great day? Your teacher? Your friends? Mommy? Daddy? Bean? (And she responds, “I AM responsible for making it a great day!)

Sometimes I tease a little bit and push back and say, “Are you SURE? You mean, NOBODY and NOTHING ELSE is responsible for you having a great day? ONLY you? What about the weather? Or your grades? Or your hairstyle?” And she laughs, and says, “Only I AM responsible for making it a great day!”


It’s an awesome ritual. A ritual that sometimes I’m not so aware of how important it is to her, because I’m always the one to start it. One morning, in the rush of things, I forgot to ask her the questions as she headed out the door. And then… SHE started the ritual by saying, “I AM worthy of everything wonderful!!!” Which obviously was my cue to ask her the rest of the questions!

I am all teary eyed right now. I’m the one who always starts the 4 Questions, and now I see how VERY IMPORTANT they are to her. *sniffle of gratitude*


What if YOU asked yourself these questions every morning? How would that set the course of your day? Would you be more empowered? More joyful? I’d love your comments below, here on my blog. Also, if you find value in this article don’t keep it to yourself, share with with a friend!

Are you willing to ask yourself these questions? Go ahead and do it. I dare you! And let me know how it feels, and what shifted for you.


Here’s to asking ourselves empowering and uplifting questions!

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