Miracles are STILL possible in 2012…


Miracles are STILL possible in 2012…
Miracles are happening all around us- yes, even now.

Sure, if you watch CNN (aka Constantly Negative News) too much or any news channel, you will hear the siren song of sadness, despair and horror that is happening at any given time around the world. I’m not saying to completely bury your head in the sand, but my question to you is,

What are you focusing on?


If, as the famous saying goes, “What you focus on expands”… then I invite you to focus on what’s good in the world, and if something’s not good, only focus on that if you feel moved to actually DO something about it. (For instance, there’s a horrific famine going on right now in Somalia. Over 750,000 people are expected to die in the next 4 months [half of them children] if something is not done) If you feel moved to make a difference, however humble, then do that. And then spread the word on whatever social media sites you can to help affect change in a positive direction.

Now, you may be asking me, “Lara, what in the world does this have to do with me, living the life of my dreams with my soulmate by my side? What does this have to do with ME, having it all???”

Here’s my answer: Focusing on what’s good in the world or at least what you can do to make the world a better place raises YOUR vibration, pure and simple. And when you’re vibrating at a higher level, you attract better people, better opportunities and simply a better life to you.

Miracles abound on the planet right now. They are everywhere, if you are willing to look for them and acknowledge them… and you know what? When you acknowledge them, you get more of ‘em!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a miracle for you. the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah granted women the right to vote. With Saudi Arabian women getting the right to vote, I am taking this as a good sign that the world is changing for the better. Our sisters in Saudi Arabia still have a long way to go for freedom (for instance the woman who yesterday received 10 lashes for driving) but I am grateful that things are changing. We are so so blessed in such a time as this.

Now, you can focus on the fact that this new law doesn’t go into effect until 2015 and may very well be repealed. BUT the fact that it was even done in the first place is a testimonial to the fact that there are amazing shifts and transformations happening on the planet right now.

Here’s to YOUR miracles!

“With every thought we think, we invoke a universe of possible outcomes. (All thought creates form on some level.)”
“If you’re looking for a time of signs and wonders, it’s here.”
– Marianne Williamson.

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