If I Had To Do It All Over Again...


If I Had To Do It All Over Again...
Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever find your true love.

Okay, I know that being “reluctantly single” is not fun.

I know that it gets lonely sometimes.


And frustrating.

And it seems like there just aren’t enough good single, heterosexual men in your area that you happen to live in.

Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever find your true love.

Then you worry that if you DO find him, you’ll lose yourself in the relationship, or he’ll leave you, or die, or something awful will happen, like your heart will get broken- again.

I remember my single days with both pain and fondness. If I had it all to do again, I’d “savor the waiting” more. It’s a magical time you are in right now, you are preparing your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body for your soulmate (at least I hope you are!).

My desire is to help you through the tough days with my articles here on my blog, through Facebook and Twitter (I’m on these a lot lately), my small group mentoring programs, our workshops, and home learning courses.

I also hope to inspire you to stay the course and keep the faith and get yourself a mentor, because that is what it takes to manifest anything wonderful and great in your life.

So, here’s my Top Five List of what I’d do if I were in YOUR shoes now:

5. AMP UP your self care! Invest in yourself more than ever before. In the 2 years before Johnny and I met, we each individually had invested more time, energy and $MONEY$ in ourselves than ever before. We went to workshops (not just the freebie ones, either), we bought books, we got massages, chiropractic, emotional release work, energy healing, hired coaches, exercised LOTS, ate very healthy and as much organic as we could, traveled. And it was worth every second of time, every penny, every unit of energy we put into it. Remember, this Soulmate Journey is all about YOU (until he shows up anyway).

4. Create a positive, uplifting community around you. Keep the “Negative Nancy’s” AWAY. Life is tough enough without energy vampires dragging you down. You know the people I mean… the ones that make you feel cranky, sad, snappish or snarky. ‘Nuff said.

3. Be thankful for what you do have in your life, focus on that, and give back. What cause or charity or organization makes your heart go all soft? Give some money or time or both to it as often and as generously as you can. For me, I give monthly to www.girleffect.org. Their mission gives me God-bumps (aka goosebumps).

2. Lots of spiritual, “inner” work. This is a crucial foundation to having a life worth living, and it doesn’t stop once you’re with your soulmate. The evolution MUST continue for you both to grow and expand (and stay) together.

And….drum roll, please! The NUMERO UNO action step for single women:

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Dr. Lara And Johnny Fernandez

Dr. Lara Fernandez and Johnny Fernandez, J.D. are soulmates on a mission. Their popular, fun, and effective LoveLaunch courses and programs help single, successful, spiritual women live the life of their dreams with their soulmate by their side.

Visit http://drlarafernandez.com/ to learn more about Soulmate Love and Men of Quality.

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