How do you know if you’re REALLY ready for love? Find out!


How do you know if you’re REALLY ready for love? Find out!
Are you ready for love? Read the article to learn the top 8 signs that you are really ready for love

The truth is, love is all around you. It’s there for you at any moment you choose. But romantic love, somehow it doesn’t seem so easy or so simple, does it?



So, how do you NOT just rely on luck and KNOW that at any moment, the right man for you may show up?

Here’s how in a checklist for you. (For those of you who like checklists: you’re welcome) ;-)

Here are my TOP 8 Signs that you are in fact, REALLY READY for love:

1. You’ve invested time, energy, and money in yourself. You are a lifelong learner and committed to your personal growth and evolution and self awareness. You are actively engaged in learning and growing as a person and as a future spouse/life partner.

2. You are generally happy with your life. Not that everything’s perfect and not that there aren’t some issues, but there’s a general contentment with who you’ve become and where you’re going.

3. You’re excited about your life and passionate about your business or career (or passionate about finding out what that is for you).

4. You’re taking good care of yourself. Your health and vitality is a priority for you. You love yourself enough to keep your self care at a high level.

5. You are willing to stand up for yourself, even if you’re fearful or nervous.

6. You are becoming more and more kind to YOURSELF... and therefore others. You don’t put yourself down.

7. You have created space in your life for giving time and energy and focus to your soulmate when he (or she) shows up.

8. You are aware of your baggage from childhood and past relationships and have taken concrete steps to deal with it, including being open and honest about the fact that you DO have baggage (and so does your sweetie)

Do you have all 8 signs? If so, good on ya. Keep doing what you’re doing-- he’s on his way to you.

If not, start working on the signs that are missing or that still need work, knowing that it’s all good, and that with your ACTIONS, you set in motion Divine Right Timing... which means, he’ll come to you in perfect timing in a perfect way.

Here’s to YOU, living the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side!

Feel free to share below in the comments section what you learned, and what, if anything, would be your next step toward being REALLY READY for your soulmate.

“Freedom is NOT overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way, is a PART of the way.”

-Guy Finley

P.S.  Before you marry someone else, commit to yourself!  Because I deeply believe that nothing is more powerful than loving yourself, I’m sharing all that can on the subject of Loving Yourself to Soulmate Love in the completely free Marry Yourself Telesummit.

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