The First 5 minutes…and beyond.


The First 5 minutes…and beyond.
“Catching a man’s attention and keeping a man’s interest are two completely different things.”

There are so many available, conscious men out here…and without these three main qualities exuding from your pores, all the beauty cream in the world won’t help you connect with him. It’s too much to go into here, that’s what Lara and I are going to share with you on a Love Training Call “3 Qualities a Conscious Man is looking for in a Woman” this Thursday.

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Oh, and I’ll share with you even more about what happens in the first 5 minutes when you meet a man romantically.

P.S.: Our Men of Quality Do Exist Video Teaching Series will soon expire. If you haven’t watched all four yet, you’ll want to do that right away before they disappear.

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