How To Not Let Struggle Get In The Way Of Love


How To Not Let Struggle Get In The Way Of Love
What does it take to find the right man for YOU?

While dining with our LoveLaunch Program client the other night and celebrating her one year wedding anniversary with her soulmate, she told us about her story to finding her husband. Back in 2008, she started her inner soulmate journey by working with us in our advanced LoveLaunch Program. By investing time, energy and yes, money in HERSELF through the program, and enlisting support from Johnny and me, and the entire LoveLaunch Community, she was able to attract the life of her dreams.

Gretchen recognized that finding her soulmate wasn’t just about dating tips and tricks on how to “catch a guy”… but that it was about HER… and about who she was BEING- in ALL areas of her life. She realized that holding onto fears, doubts, and worry from past relationships was simply NOT going to help her attract all that she wanted in life. And that’s why she decided to have Johnny and me be her Love and Life Mentors.


Gretchen and Mike Jumping the Broom1 Don’t let your struggle become your identity

So, what does it take to find the right man for YOU? What does it take to have the next committed relationship you’re in be the LAST relationship you’re in – the one that makes up for all the heartbreak and all of the pain and makes you see how everything was leading up to this man?

I’ve compiled a check-list for you to get started (or to continue) on this process.

Find the magic from your heartbreaks and learn to alchemize (aka re-frame) the events of the past to be able to finally move on and attract the man for you.

Don’t let your struggle become your identity. The struggle you have experienced in relationship is NOT where the magic comes from. It’s impossible to attract a different and better man when you can’t move past your heartbreak and see it for what it really is: your roadmap to the life of your dreams.break free Don’t let your struggle become your identity In our upcoming free 4 part video series, The Magic of Heartbreak, we will teach you how to find that magic and from that knowing, actually transform your experiences into blessings. You will become an alchemist of your experiences, and life will never be the same for you.

Allow yourself have more joy in your life. Gretchen also told us that when we first told her that her soulmate, the man of her dreams, will WANT to make her happy (like Johnny WANTS me to be happy), she scarcely believed it. But she decided to allow that to become her reality. Can you commit to that for yourself now? Commit to doing whatever it takes to BECOME the woman that would be strong, courageous, open-hearted, and loving enough to feel like she deserves Big Love. Like you deserve to have a healthy, loving, strong man WANT to make you happy, adore you, appreciate you, and KNOW you are valuable and important.

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