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Dating for Your Potential Soulmate


Tips to get started in raising your vibrational level to that of Soulmate Love.

Most of the women that Johnny and I coach on their journey to soulmate love are spiritual, progressive women who have a belief in a Higher Power and who have an understanding that everything happens for a reason in life – even if we don’t fully understand it.

Here is the premise that Johnny and I are working from: Soulmate Love is your divine birthright- now it is YOUR job to get yourself in vibrational alignment to be an Attractor for it. But how? Especially if you’ve looked at your results in dating and have clearly found that your “vibration” has NOT been that of soulmate love?!

Simple. Learn the thoughts, feelings and actions that successful soulmate couples did to attract one another and DO them.

Simple, but not so easy, yes?

In this article, I’m going to give you powerful tips to get started in raising your vibrational level to that of Soulmate Love.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Here’s one and it’s the foundational piece:

COMMIT to your soulmate- BEFORE he even shows up.


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