Are You Serious about Soulmate Love?


Are You Serious about Soulmate Love?
How to know if you are serious & 100% committed to YOUR soulmate? Take this quick quiz & find out.

2-3 Yes- You are slightly committed. I recommend “putting some skin in the game” to change things up a bit- commit to yourself and your soulmate at 100%. This means investing more time, energy, and money in YOU… NOW- to dramatically up your vibration and magnetize your soulmate in 2012. 

4 Yes- WOW! Congratulations! You are doing way, way more than the “Mediocre Majority” around relationships. You are obviously moving beyond books, nice conversations, and free info on the internet. You are experiencing live and REAL TRANSFORMATION, followed up with daily inspiration and preparation to consistently step out of your relationship comfort zone. By attending the LoveLaunch Weekend and showing up at 100%, you have cleared (or you will clear) the 10 Biggest Blocks to Soulmate Love. You have sent a powerful message to the Universe that you are in fact, SERIOUS about attracting your beloved to you. You invested real time, real energy, and real money in yourself- just like you do in any other area of your life that you are wanting to change for the better. We expect to see you in the “Soulmate Club” soon! Now ask that magical question that all of us in the Soulmate Club who intentionally magnetized our soulmate have asked – “what else can I do to raise my vibration and increase my commitment to soulmate love?”

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