Are You Putting Your Soulmate To Sleep?


Are You Putting Your Soulmate To Sleep?
If you have found your relationships fizzle out, it may be time to get out of comfortable.

Many people seek to find true love by looking for compatibility, matching life experience, shared interests, and warm fuzzy feelings. Sounds pretty good so far, right? I mean…who could be against that?

Well, I’m not against that, but there is a trap in focusing on compatibility, comfort, and convenience – it’s BORING! Not just boring, but it lacks the emotional juice to not only attract your sizzling-hot soulmate, but keep him/her connected to you emotionally, and in every other way that you desire that connection to continue.


So let’s talk about desire. Desire, when stirred up from within is exciting, desire when coming from a strong place is magnetic, desire is attractive. Desire for true love (not just another date) can be either attractive when expressed with power and poise or pathetic when expressed with neediness and weakness.

We habitually act in ways that we are used to. Research shows that 80-90% of our daily thoughts, feelings, and actions are simply habitual. What that means is that if you want things in your love life to change it’s got to take you out of your habitual way of thinking, feeling, and acting or else you’ll simply create more of the same.

For example, the big reason why some people do not decide to attend one of our live courses, like the LoveLaunch Weekend, or even try one of our Home Learning Courses, like our LoveLaunch Quickstart Program, is that it is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and just doesn’t feel like something that they would normally do.

So what’s the problem with that? It’s not just that there is life-changing information and experiences to be gained in those courses, which there is, but because the very act of succumbing to comfort and convenience is borne of apathy, resignation, and lack of confidence, power, and belief that you have control over your life and especially your romantic destiny.

Reading yet another book, or Googling more information is very habitual in our information glutted society. Going in a non-habitual direction allows you to shake off apathy, shake off fantasy (Prince Charming will save me!), and just shakes things up within you – all leading to your being in touch with something a bit scary, yes, but exciting and passionate as well. And all that happens within you even before you attend a course or start a program. You have the power to change your habits, even your habitual thoughts and feelings, but it’ll feel different – which is a good thing.

Seeking and staying in the rut of comfort, convenience, and compatibility is boring, and simply does not stir up the passion that is so attractive to your soulmate and actually magnetizes him/her to you.

Tapping into something different, tapping into passion is powerful, helps you feel that sizzle, and puts you in the habit of feeling feelings that not only will attract your soulmate to you, but will keep him/her around and happy for life.

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