What Are You Committed To?


What Are You Committed To?
Often we're just full of it. And scared. And Busy. And just don't know any better.

What are YOU committed to?

Love!” “Soulmate Love!” “Lifelong partnership!” “The man of my dreams!” – You may be saying. Many people do. Nobody would SAY “I’m committed to more of the same unfulfilling relationships I’ve had the last ten years.” So why does it keep happening?


Because, uhm…how can I say this? Often we’re just full of it. And scared. And Busy. And scared. And… just don’t know any better.

“Its not that some people have willpower and some do not.
Its that some people are ready to change and some are not.”
- James Gordon

I know when I have wanted to make a change in my life and just don’t, it’s because of one of those things-I’m basically full of it, (meaning that I really don’t want the thing to change, I just like SAYING it, because it makes me look good or something), feeling too busy with other stuff that keeps me from looking at what I REALLY want and need to change.

Or I’m flat out scared. I WANT things to be different but I’m scared to do things differently, so I keep finding excuses. Like “I’m too busy”. Why be scared of what I SAY I want? Because the new thing is different, very different than what I’ve always known.

For example, when I decided to move to California I was excited, and, I’ll admit…a bit scared. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have a job when I gave notice at my current teaching position that I LOVED. And…there are EARTHQUAKES! Are you kidding me?

But I was COMMITTED to changing my life. Why? Because the alternative (more of the same) was unthinkable. It actually made my stomach turn. It scared me MORE than the new-different of changing my entire life by moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. And as a life-long New Yorker nothing would represent a wholesale CHANGE more than moving to California! (did I mention the EARTHQUAKES??)

Now I teach about love, how to change your life by falling in love with yourself so much that he cant help but be attracted to you (the right man, that is, the Quality Man that you want). And its the same in love lessons as in any area of life.

What are you COMMITTED to? Not interested in, I said committed to. In our recent Men of Quality Do Exist FREE 4 Part Video Series we talked to the Quality Men about commitment (oooohhh, the c-word in relationships) and you’ll learn that men and women think differently about “commitment” (no, I guarantee it’s not what you think), and even mean something different when they use that word. Watch these amazing men discuss this HERE.

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