Are You Building Your Dreams On Solid Ground?


Are You Building Your Dreams On Solid Ground?
Have you had people tell you that you’re “too much of a dreamer?”

In LOVE…and every area of life. Johnny and I have always looked to be “dreaming BIG” and keeping our feet on “solid ground.” Sometimes the “dreaming” part took over, sometimes the “solid ground” part took over. What about you?

You May Say I’m A Dreamer…


Have you had people tell you that you’re “too much of a dreamer?” that you need to be “more practical?” or “realistic?” Well, if so, cheer up – you are in GREAT company!

In our research we’ve found that every person who has successfully magnetized their Soulmate, or successfully created an abundance of wealth, or successfully created vibrant health has been a bit of a “dreamer!” Just like me and Johnny, and maybe just like you!?

It is in that dreaming that new possibilities are created. It is in that dreaming that we get in touch with ourselves as more than we are right now. More than our present circumstances. Can you be, do, and have more than your present circumstances seem to dictate? We’re here to say YES!

Reaching for more is what our Love Breakthrough Weekend is all about, what all our programs are all about, what we’re all about, and what I believe you are all about or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Keep Reaching!

Oh yes! Imagine being in your kitchen and reaching for the cookie jar that is a bit higher than you seem to be able to reach. It’s only when you reach beyond what’s easy, beyond what’s comfortable, and beyond even what feels safe – that you even have a chance of getting the cookies!

If you’ve reached and fallen – great! You learned something, even if it hurt when you fell. If you’ve reached and fallen short – great! You now know you have to dig deep and reach even farther than you previously thought possible!

Dreaming – reaching – learning. It’s the magic process that yields magical results, the connection with your Soulmate, the wealth you desire, the health that is your birthright.

Stabilize yourself with expert guidance and support, a supportive community that believes in you, and a plan based somewhat on the past- largely in your dreams- and grounded in the reality of the here and now. And take action on it now.

“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started TODAY.”

Don’t let those that preach “be realistic!” get you down! Often they are not living the life they desire and deserve and see your talk of new possibilities as a reminder of how they have given up on their own dreams.

Learn – Stabilize – and Reach Again!

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Dr. Lara Fernandez and Johnny Fernandez, J.D. are soulmates on a mission. Their popular, fun, and effective LoveLaunch courses and programs help single, successful, spiritual women live the life of their dreams with their soulmate by their side.

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