5 Steps to Beat the Holiday Singlehood Blues


5 Steps to Beat the Holiday Singlehood Blues
5 step checklist for you to beat those holiday singlehood blues. Check it out!

I remember the holiday seasons when I was single. The dread I felt every time another party invitation came in the mail because that meant I either went alone or had to dredge up a date. Ugh.

I remember Christmas shopping for my dad, and wishing I was in that same department store finding something special for my soulmate too.


And New Year’s Eve? Don’t even get me started. After one particularly BAD New Year’s Eve party ended up with me walking across downtown San Francisco at one o’clock in the morning in the pouring cold rain for TWO HOURS, I swore I’d never go out on New Year’s Eve again. (Long story)

So I’ve been there. But here’s the thing. Once I made the life-changing DECISION that I was going to intentionally and consciously attract the right man for me, and then took action on that decision by hiring my love mentor and started taking courses and doing my personal growth work, I learned something huge about attracting love to me.

Success in attracting your true love can only happen from a place of happiness and joy within yourself.

Now, hold on before you get all upset thinking that I’m saying that everything has to be perfect in your life before you can find him…. I’m NOT saying that.

What I’m saying is: your “come-from” (the energy that you’re coming from) when consciously and intentionally attracting your soulmate is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the fact that you put time, energy and money into growing yourself first. In fact, I’d dare to say it’s more important.

So how do you shift your “come-from” this holiday season to keep your magnetism high??!?

Good question, girlfriend. And I’ve got answers for you.

I’ve compiled a 5 step checklist for you to beat those holiday singlehood blues that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.

You’re welcome! (I’ve heard from lots of my readers that ya’ll just love a good checklist)

5 Steps to Beat the Holiday Singlehood Blues (steps one and two this week)

Step #1. Cultivate a sense of wonder and awe within yourself about the holidays.

Let go of judgmental thoughts about the crazy commercialism that’s going on right now. That doesn’t help you at all. What you focus on expands and grows. Focus on the reason for the season. Look up and read the history of this time period and why it’s such a sacred time. It’s been sacred for centuries. There’s a reason that it all started and it’s never been about getting the newest electronic gadget under the tree.

So, stop focusing on judging others for their obsessions around getting the perfect gift or the ridiculousness of Black Friday sales or Cyber Mondays….. Focus on what really matters: your connection with the people you love and your community. Take your child or your niece or nephew to see the Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa lights. Do whatever you can to look for and to see the lights and the wonder from their eyes. As you move throughout your holidays, ask yourself this beautiful yet powerful question: “Where can I find the joy in the present moment right now?

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