The 3rd Toxic Myth of Love


The 3rd Toxic Myth of Love
Know what the 3rd toxic myth of love is all about and how it can affect your soulmate search.

Here’s the next set of questions for you:
4. Am I whining and complaining and blaming others (especially ex-boyfriends and husbands) for why the relationships turned out the way they did? Or am I blaming myself for not doing something differently in those relationships?
5. Am I assuming positive intent from others in my life right now... or assuming that everybody is leaving me out in some way?
6. Am I feeling jealous when I see another woman with a man by her side, wondering, “why can’t that be me?”

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then there’s some more work to be done, sister. You may think you’ve been there and done that, but there’s an energy that you’re giving off, and it’s NOT attractive to soulmate love and a life that you totally love.


Ready to change the course of your life? There’s still time to jump in and join us in our live course, but if you’re forging ahead on your own, those questions should help. Wishing you all the best.


P.S. Here’s what a few women who are taking the live Heart Break to Heart Open Course with us right now said:

“I enjoy the way the way this course shapes and is projecting us back to Ourselves. Also, love this idea of a community and the sense of camaraderie that it creates.”

“My take home for today is to stop waiting for a man to love me and “make me happy” but to take full responsibility for my own happiness .The night was so peaceful, I felt grateful for the life I have created for myself, I felt empowered …”

“During the Live Q & A Call #1, I wept throughout. I was deeply moved by the questions which I related to, and I very much appreciated that this course is not about changing oneself to pursue men and to fit their specifications, or to be right in a man’s eyes, but is about empowering women to reclaim their power, to be themselves, and to be adored for it. Cultural hypnosis fools women into believing that the man is the most important member in a relationship; and not a mutual dynamic of relating in a balanced, proportional way where each is acknowledged as a person in their own right.
I so appreciate the Communication Wall and reading what other women are experiencing…all aspects of myself in some form or other. The Course is the best decision I have made. “

I’m not sure when or IF we’ll be doing this course again live, and you can still join us HERE.

P.S. Is emotional eating stressing you out? Johnny and I know through experience that the key to attracting your soulmate is to raise your vibration, lower your stress, and love yourself. We love to bring you resources to help you with that.

This is why we want to introduce you to our friend and colleague, Kristen Kancler, who wrote an e-book called, “Stop Feeling Like a Prisoner: 7 Keys to Free Yourself From Emotional Eating.” This can help you to align with a healthy and vibrant you, which opens the door to love, helps you to release guilt and shame, and have peace with food. Click here to get your copy!

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