The 3rd Toxic Myth of Love


The 3rd Toxic Myth of Love
Know what the 3rd toxic myth of love is all about and how it can affect your soulmate search.

The third toxic love myth is that more is better. “You just need to get out there more”. “You just need to meet more men”. “Just kiss more frogs until you find your prince”.

More is better is a logical and knee jerk response to the other toxic myth, there’s not enough.


The problem is, more is better creates a competitive mindset, especially among women. It breeds a sequence of thoughts like this:
1. There’s just not enough good men to go around---->>>>
2. Well, then, dating more men must be the answer to all of my relationship woes---->>>>
3. I am competing with other women to find a man.

“More is better is a chase with no end and a race without winners. It’s like a hamster wheel that we hope onto get going and then forget how to stop.”

- Lynne Twist, author of the book The Soul of Money
(her “Toxic Myths of Scarcity” are what I’m basing these articles on)

The surprising truth is that there are MANY, MANY good, available, single, heterosexual men out there. Men of Quality do exist! You see, the good news is, all that you’re looking for is ONE. ONE good man. You’re not looking to date tons of men (at least if you’re looking for soulmate love, and you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’re not)... your goal is to BE the woman who knows that her Higher Power created ENOUGH for her, and that getting into the rat race of dating is not for her.

You see, your goal is to BE the woman who is attractive to the right man (yes, of course, you will probably have to date several men until you find the One- but it won’t have to be hundreds) and to KNOW the type of man who is right for you.

How to do this?

GROW yourself first. All else follows.

Do the inner work with a focus on soulmate love. Invest in yourself. Spend time, energy and money on YOU. Take courses like our Heartbreak to Heart Open Telecourse. Read this blog and read books. Get a Love Mentor to help you see past your blind spots.

And if you’ve been “doing the inner work”... and it hasn’t landed you your soulmate yet?

What do you do?

You KEEP GOING, girlfriend!

Yep... that’s right.

Don’t buy into the 3 Scarcity Myths of Love. Do buy into the Truth of Enough.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself NOW:

1. Am I investing time, energy and money in personal and spiritual empowerment and growth on a regular and consistent basis?
2. Am I APPLYING and USING the principles and tools CONSISTENTLY that I’m learning about attracting the love and the life of my dreams?
3. Do I have a Love Mentor to work with and help me see what I cannot see about myself that could be blocking love from me?

If you replied yes to the above questions... than just KEEP GOING, girlfriend. You are on the right track. If you replied
no, you’ll want to change your priorities in your life and start doing ACTIONS that will change your answers to a YES.

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