The 3 Scarcity Myths of Love (Part 1 of 3)


The 3 Scarcity Myths of Love (Part 1 of 3)
Learn the first scarcity myth of love.

“Myths and superstitions have power over us only to the extent that we believe them, but when we believe, we live completely under their spell and in that fiction. Scarcity is a lie, but it has been passed down as truth and with a powerful mythology that insists on itself, demands compliance, and discourages doubt or questioning.”- Lynne Twist, in her bestselling book, The Soul of Money.

Over the next 3 weeks, I’m going to share with you the 3 Scarcity Myths of Love. These myths are based upon the toxic myths of scarcity that Lynne Twist defined in her book, The Soul of Money (FANTASTIC book, by the way). Now, Lynne is talking about these myths as they apply to money, but they apply to love and relationships too.


Toxic Myth #1: There’s Not Enough
The first most common myth around love and relationships and men in general is that there’s not enough. There’s not enough good men to go around. There’s not enough good men in my town. Not everybody is destined to find soulmate love. Somebody’s going to be left out. There are way too many women that I’m competing against. I’m not enough exactly as I am right now.

There’s not enough becomes the reason that we settle for men who bring us down or the reason we do things to each other that we regret later. There’s not enough creates an anxiety that drives us to feel competitive with other women for men’s attention, or to compromise our boundaries in relationship to “keep the man”. The real danger is in falling for the idea that it’s all about HIM, when really it’s all about YOU.

You see, once you’ve defined yourself and your life as deficient, everything you think, say and do, especially in your relationships, becomes an “expression of an effort to overcome this sense of lack and the fear of losing to others or being left out.” (quote from The Soul of Money) There’s a vibration that you put out into the world that comes back to you as your circumstances of your life. If you are in agreement with this myth, you may be experiencing “not enough” in not only your love life, but your finances, your health, your career, and friendships. This mindset infects all areas of life.

What’s the Truth here?

Just because the majority of human population has subscribed to the idea of lack and scarcity does not make it the truth of life. It’s your belief in lack that causes reality to reflect “lack” back at you, in other words you are attracting not-enoughness by your scarcity-based thoughts.

The Universe, God, the Infinite Intelligence that runs this joint, has made enough for all who desire more. You have been given soulmate love as your birthright. AND, you have been given free will, a choice, to make it your destiny... or not. Your consistent actions of self love, of investing time, energy, and money in growing your self awareness, will make it your destiny.

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