4 Common Causes Of Wedding Dress Drama


4 Common Causes Of Wedding Dress Drama [EXPERT]
Don't succumb to the wedding dress blues!

3. It's safer to obsess about the dress. During wedding planning, brides often find something to obsess about, and it's not surprising if you are pouring a ton of energy into finding the right dress. The dress is often symbolic of everything the quintessential bride is supposed to be: beautiful, radiant, and awe-inspiring.

The problem is that all of the mental and emotional energy that goes into finding the elusive dress is not going into other (more important) things. Like obsessing about how to keep your upcoming marriage happy and healthy. Or obsessing about how this marriage is going to forever change your identity. Or what it really means to commit to another person, "for better or worse." Instead, it's much easier and less emotionally jarring to pour energy into something we can control, like a hemline. 6 Ways To Stay In Love While Planning Your Wedding


4. You want the fairytale ending. Forget the simple happy ending. You want the full shebang. The real deal. You want what Disney has been promising girls all over the world since they were three years old. You want the fairytale ending.

And of course the fairytale ending would not be complete without the "perfect" dress. So, it's understandable that you are spending hours pouring through magazines and stressing about which neckline suits your figure the best. However, now is the time to take a step back and take stock of what really matters to you when it comes to your nuptials. In pursuit of the "fairytale" wedding, many brides get so completely caught up in trying to create a fantasy wedding that they miss out on the opportunities to connect in real ways to their loved ones.

Finding the right wedding dress often carries more emotional weight than necessary. By taking the time to explore the meaning of the dress you can free yourself from this kind of wedding related angst and use your energy to prepare for your marriage.

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