Life Coach: Solution Focused Therapy For Positive Future


Life Coach: Solution Focused Therapy For Positive Future
Make your future look like your dreams.
What would our lives look like without problems?

Most of us have pondered what our life would be like without problems. We daydream about what a different life would look like. However, many people remain in fantasy land and don't take the final step needed to go from the dream stage to reality. They remain stagnant.

We don't always want to change even if we know life would be better if we did. Many people have been using the same strategies for the duration of their adulthood even though they've proven ineffective. They become comfortable but stuck in a rut. At this point, Solution Focused Therapy can be helpful.

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Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) focuses on what people want to achieve rather than on historical problems. It works towards creating forward momentum building to a person's ideal future. The role of the past is merely to help activate conversations about past success.

Questions about a person's story, their strengths, resources, and any exceptions to the perceived problems are part of the therapeutic process. Together, the client and therapist devise a vision of what the possible future could look like. Implementation involves setting small goals by gaining clarity and greater insight and understanding of what a different life would look like.

SFT includes a technique called the "Miracle Question". Answering this question helps a person make necessary changes by going from dreams to reality and envisioning their future. The miracle question is a valuable tool, especially when a person doesn't necessarily know what a preferred future might look like.

The Miracle Question

Suppose tonight while you're asleep, a miracle happens and the issue you've got is solved. What will you see yourself doing, thinking, or believing about yourself that will tell you a miracle has happened in your life?

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The great thing about this question is that it allows you to imagine how your life would be if something miraculous occurred. What would your life look like if that happened? What do you want for your life to look like if that happened? What do you want for yourself? Think about that question and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals!

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