Weighing in at #1 Relationship Factor [EXPERT}


Weighing in at #1 Relationship Factor [EXPERT}
Respect is #1 for healthy relationships. But do you know all the ways to show it?

As a psychologist specializing in relationship, I've discussed the need to prioritize your relationship, to make time for it.  Certainly, if you don’t have any time for it, then there’s really no relationship.

I wish I could say that merely spending time together is enough.  However, what you do with the time also matters.  I’m not speaking about how you pass the time – the activities you do.  Rather, it’s the quality of how you relate to one another. (Of course, in your in a long-term relationship, chances are things have gotten a bit stale.  Luckily, you can feel that sense of connection again!)


The key factor to a good partnership is respect.  At first glance, this is obvious.  But do you really know what it means to respect your mate?  By definition, respect means showing consideration or valuing the other person.

What does this look like?  Let me offer a couple of concrete examples.

Clearly, you are two different individuals and therefore, you’re not always going to see things the same way.  However, you can respect each other’s opinion.  So, don’t put it down with harsh words, negative facial expressions, or total dismissal. If you’re a normal couple, you'll have fights.  There are actually ways to argue that are respectful.  I’ll keep those tips for a separate article.

Additionally, respect means that you don’t put your significant other down in front of others.  On the contrary, when you’re out, you want to build your partner up.  Obviously, there may be times that you’re not happy with something that happens while you’re out.  This should be discussed privately, later on.

Overall, respect let’s your partner know that you hold him or her in high regard.  By doing so, you have helped to make him or her feel significant, feel empowered.  And the end result is that the relationship is empowered too.

To your empowerment,

Dr. Karen

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Dr. Karen Sherman


Dr. Karen Sherman is a Psychologist and radio host of Your Empowered Relationship as well as the co-author of "Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make it Last" and award winning "Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life." Her experet advice is sought after in print, radio, and TV. 
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Specialties: Couples/Marital Issues
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