e-Infidelity: Is Your Partner Having A Digital Affair?


Online Infidelity: Is Your Partner Having A Digital Affair?
Our expert reveals the top red flags that your partner might be cheating.

A good rule of thumb to ensure that your relationship is "infidelity proof" is that there are no secrets. This translates into feeling comfortable having phone discussions in front of one another, sharing passwords, letting each other see and read the other person's emails or texts. If you're not comfortable doing something in front of your partner, then it shouldn't be done.

There is a great deal written on how to "catch" your partner. If you think something is going on, do check it out. The sooner, the better. It's foolish to think that your partner will be forthcoming and so, you may have to be a bit of a Sherlock Holmes.


Clearly, the realization that your partner has strayed in some form is devastating. For me, as a relationship therapist devoted to the goal of keeping relationships together, the question is: "Do you want to save the relationship?" After working with numerous couples in this area, I can be sure that you really can't answer this question unless you find yourself in this situation. 

I can also tell you that there is not one universal reason that betrayal occurs. Rather, there are a multitude of possible causes ... some even by accident of hitting a wrong URL. This information goes beyond the scope of this article. What is important, however, is the knowledge that couples can survive from this situation. It takes work, but it can be done!

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