April Fools! 7 Signs Your Guy Is Not 'The One'


april fool
Don't be fooled by love.

4. Does he ask for your input about your activities? Though initially it may seem romantic for your guy to set up the date and merely tell you what time to be ready and what to wear, it's likely that this person needs to be in control ... all the time. You want to make sure you're an equal partner.

5. Does he talk a lot?  At first you may think you hit the jackpot and found the one male who's willing to talk. That's great! What is he talking about ... is it himself? And is he also willing to listen to what you have to say? You want to be in a relationship where you have a mate where you and what you say matters.

6. Is he open to trying a new restaurant? If he's the kind of person who sticks with the "same-old, same-old" all the time whether it's the type of cuisine he's eating or the activities he does, there's a real good chance your relationship will get boring. Many relationships end when there's not enough novelty.

7. Does he minimize your point of view when you have a conflict? Research has shown that how couples manage conflicts is a strong predictor of how successful their relationship will be. There are many skills to good conflict management and minimizing your partner's point of view isn't one of them!

Though there are no guarantees in life, certainly if you're more prepared rather than steered by your emotions you have a better chance of making good choices. Yes, it would be wonderful if love was totally based on romance. However, if you want a lasting, successful empowered relationship, you want to be involved with a partner who will treat you right. When you pay attention to these seven tips, it will help to ensure that you won't be a fool this April ... or any month going forward!

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