20 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress


20 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress
The Holiday Season may pose lots of stress, but there are lots of tips to handle many areas!

14. It’s likely that when you get together with family, their quirks will be obvious.  Focus instead on the “whole” of the person rather than only on the quirk.

15. Create distance for yourself by making a game out of an annoying habit.  For example, “Let’s see how long it is till Aunt Mary brings up so and so” or “Let’s guess how many times Uncle Bob will tell us about such and such.”


16. If you have a real sensitivity with someone in your family, plan a code with your significant other.  If you get upset, use the code and meet privately to connect and feel safe again.

17. Understand that your mate might act a bit stressed out when he or she is with their family of origin and be supportive.

18. Try to consider that, at least, you do have family to be with during the holiday.


19. There are likely to be a variety of negative emotions that come up during this time of year - sadness, loneliness, anxiety.  Acknowledge these feelings but then try to move on.

20. Some of the best ways to move on include focusing on what’s positive in your life, reaching out to friends, and watching funny movies.  And ... this time will pass!

I truly wish for YOU a wonderful Holiday Season.

To Your Empowerment,

Dr. Karen

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