20 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress


20 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress
The Holiday Season may pose lots of stress, but there are lots of tips to handle many areas!

It's that time of year again that most of us look forward to ... cautiously!

Though it’s supposed to be a Holiday Season which infers excitement and good times, it’s also a period that is fraught with stress and tension on so many different levels.  Most people want the next several weeks to offer a sense of joy, yet don’t quite know how to achieve it.


There are, in fact, lots of things you can do.  As a relationship expert,let me offer you some tips in the various areas of your life.

The Practical Side:

  1. You really don’t have to do everything yourself.  Be willing to delegate but still be in control by assigning tasks based on what you know each person can handle well.
  2. For the next couple of weeks, be willing to “let go” of some of the normal ways you do things.  Eat on paper plates, don’t make such elaborate meals.  By doing these short cuts, you’ll have more time and energy.
  3. Shop on line so you don’t have to be out in the crowds as much.
  4. When you do shop, bring a list.
  5. Shop at off-peak hours.  DInner time is likely to be a time where there are less folks out making purchases.

Taking Care of You:

6. SO much of stress has to do with how you perceive it.  Instead of looking at this time as a stressful one, think about the crowds exciting.  Even standing on line can be an opportunity to talk to people. (By the way, I offer lots of advice about stress because it has such an impact on your relationship. There's a chapter I contributed on stress and a CD about the fact that it's actually a choice!)

7. As you’re standing on line, do some deep breathing and muscle relaxing (tighten and loosen you different muscle groups).  Nobody will notice and it will help ease the physical strain.

8. Shop with a friend and make it a time to visit.  Social support helps ease stress.


9. The really good memories from your past are not about the gifts you got; they’re about the memories that were created by the smells as you walked into a Holiday home, the songs you sang, sitting by the fireplace with family or friends.  Keep up these traditions.

10. Create gifts that show the other person he or she really matters: burn a CD of tunes that are special to him or her, make an album of important pictures, put together a coupon book of chores you’ll do, invite someone to a dinner you’ll cook.

The Kids:

11. If you have to take them shopping with you, make them short periods of time and give them some assignment they can do; keeps them occupied and makes them feel important.

12. Start to teach them a charitable mindset by giving a toy or clothes or some food to those less fortunate.

13. Have them help bake cookies or decorate.  This is very much part of the whole Holiday Season.


Article contributed by

Dr. Karen Sherman


Dr. Karen Sherman is a Psychologist and radio host of Your Empowered Relationship as well as the co-author of "Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make it Last" and award winning "Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life." Her experet advice is sought after in print, radio, and TV. 
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Location: Plainview, NY
Credentials: MFT, NCC, PhD
Specialties: Couples/Marital Issues
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