Valentines Day Is Over ... Now What?


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Eleven ways to keep the romance alive all year long.

3. Manage your conflicts. Expect that you'll have a conflict, but learn the skills you need so that each of you feels safe to have your differences and hear your partner's perspective as well.

4. Express appreciation. It's important to acknowledge each other and notice one another. Appreciate that your mate has taken out the garbage or made dinner. When you appreciate the little things that each of you do, it says, "I notice you."


5. Show interest. Nothing will let your significant other know that he/she matters to you more than showing an interest in their lives. Since life can be so busy, use your tech gadgets as a reminder of an MD appointment your mate has or an upcoming event. Then ask about it. When you're listening, make sure to be present and ask questions to really show your interest.

6. Be a cheerleader. Don't try to change who your partner is. Rather, accept him or her. Additionally, encourage the efforts and projects they get into. This support encourages your partner and expresses your belief in who he or she is.

7. Be forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes ... sometimes you, sometimes your mate. Expect this. Moreover, be willing to let go of a grudge.

8. Use humor. Not everything is a big deal. Be willing to inject humor into situations as a stress buster.

9. Create novelty. Same-old, same-old may give a sense of comfort, but it also leads to boredom. And boredom has been shown to kill a relationship. So spice it up by doing different things or at least doing the things you usually do differently. Keep reading ...

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