Remember to Update These Documents When You Get Divorced


Remember to Update These Documents When You Get Divorced
You've probably heard horror stories of the ex inheriting everything - don't let that happen to you!

Most people have their spouse listed as the person to make these decisions.  With your change in marital status, you’ll probably want to make sure to update who this person is.**

  • HIPPA Authorizations at each of your doctors* The HIPPA allows you to indicate who besides you may have access to your medical information. If you had originally filled out forms at a doctor’s office allowing information to be left with your spouse, you might want to change this at each of your doctor's offices.**
  • * The purposes identified in this table are just casual descriptions. For legal descriptions, you’ll want to contact the appropriate authority.
    ** The changes to consider are just suggestions. You’ll want to work with the appropriate authority to verify which changes are appropriate for you.

    Your Functional Divorce Assignment:

    Which of the documents above do you currently have? For each of the documents listed in the table that you’ve already got, take the time to review and update them.

    Which of the documents do you not have? For each of the documents that you do not have, look at the purpose of the document and determine whether or not you want to have it. If you want to have the document, make an appointment with the appropriate professional to have the document created.

    Where are your documents? There are some documents that you’ll want to keep handy. You’ll want to make sure that the appropriate family members know where you documents are kept. You’ll probably also want to make copies of the documents for yourself and family members in case getting to the originals may not be speedy enough.

    There are other documents, like the HIPPA Authorizations at each of your doctor’s offices, which someone else will keep the originals of so that you’ll just have copies. You’ll want to keep tabs on these as well so you’ll have an easy time updating them next year.


    Dr Karen Finn is a divorce coach and the owner of The Functional Divorce. She specializes in working with divorcing or recently divorced individuals who want to successfully navigate the confusion and uncertainty that usually comes with divorce. Karen helps her clients manage and work through the five facets of divorce to reduce their stress, find happiness again and start living the BEST of their lives.

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    Dr. Karen Finn is a divorce coach and the owner of The Functional Divorce. She works with people through all the different life changes divorce creates so they can get to living the best of their lives.

    She is the author of On the Road from Heartbreak to Happiness daily messages to help you help yourself heal from divorce.

    Dr. Karen is happy to give you "The 5 Things You MUST Know About Your Divorce". In it you'll get the information you need to be prepared for how your divorce will change your life.



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