Can I Believe He Loves Me When He Drinks Much More Than I Want?


Can I Believe He Loves Me When He Drinks Much More Than I Want?
It is baffling when your partner says that they love you yet drink in a way that ignores your wishes

My husband died of cancer in 2007 finding in facing death the courage that had earlier eluded him and I was thankful to be by his side. The family stayed together through all the years of his drinking with mixed outcome. My daughter adored her father and grieves him still. My son, who was the eldest, struggles with as many bad memories as good ones.  I won’t sugar coat the pill here, this is too serious a situation to be anything other than realistic!

At Bottled Up we understand that many people who live with a problem drinker experience albeit spasmodically the loving relationship that first drew them together and are reluctant to leave until all avenues for change have been fully explored.  People who see the chaos and advise leaving sometimes under estimate the depth of feeling that still exists. We try to present strategies for change that can be uniquely tailored to your situation. We encourage you to stop doing things that are counter - productive and start doing things that will help you to take good care of yourself whilst you encourage and influence your drinker down the road to recovery. We don’t have a magical solution for complex issues but we can provide care support and encouragement along the way and a community of people who truly understand your struggle for the simple reason that they have been there too. There is no need to be alone any more.

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