The Top 5 Things Men Need To Know About Sex


The Top 5 Things Men Need To Know About Sex
What men need to know about sex, sexuality and their intimate relationships.

5. Lastly, quit obsessing about the quality of your erection and focus that attention on the quality of your relationship.  Most of the couples I have worked with over the years prefer to have a close, intimate and emotional connection.  Do not be afraid to use humor in the bedroom as a way to diffuse uncomfortable situations and reintroduce pleasure, fun and intimacy back into the relationship.  While the erectile dysfunction drugs can and have been used to shore up one’s confidence, it is not a Jack In The Beanstalk solution.  You just don’t throw the pill down and expect the ‘tree’ to grow – you still need to get aroused.  If you are not getting aroused, it may be that your body is sending you clear signals that something other than your penis is not working.


For the New Year if you had to choose the one area of your relationship with your partner that would greatly enhance your sexual experiences with one another then make it a good one.  I would recommend either change your attitude or improve your communication with one another.  The benefits will be long lasti

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