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The Top 5 Romantic Adventures

The Top 5 Romantic Adventures

Explore the pleasure, fun and intimacy of being with your partner without a special occasion!

4. Servitude Has Its Pleasures:  Since many women have had to assume the role of primary caregiver in the relationship, a lot of the responsibility of taking care of just about everything falls to them.  One creative couple I worked with came up with the clever idea that unbeknownst to his wife the husband had taken off work early, rented a tuxedo to play the role of butler and greeted her at the door with a drink and an invitation to bathe.  He had a meal prepared for her and granted her any and all of her wishes for the evening.  She reported having the most intense orgasm of her life when she felt she was free to let go of ‘everything’.  For another couple, the maid arrived naked under her topcoat to a very surprised husband but that is a whole other story.

5. Story Time – Read Me: Some couples have discoverd either reading or sharing their sexual fantasies can be as stimulating and satisfying more than to act them out.  Couples have been able to safely explore the forbidden and tickle their erotic fancies in fun and exciting ways.  They discovered that keeping the fantasy between the two deepens their levels of bonded intimacy and created a space for vulnerability to emerge in the relationship to explore different aspects of their sexuality without being judged by the other.  Couples have found the use of fantasy as a fun way of opening the sexual communication and learning what really turns their partner on.

So what are you waiting for?  Celebrate your relationship tonight and make it a day to remember that is all about pleasure, fun and intimacy!

Dr. Beiter is in private practice in Troy, MI and is certified as a sex therapist with the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists.


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