Are You Addicted To Sadness?


Are You Addicted To Sadness?
Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Exit The Depression Cycle And Be Happy

6. Decide to forgive those who hurt you. Know that every experience – and especially the traumatic ones – contains insights and gifts that contribute to your level of wisdom and empathy. Adopt the interpretation that you need the experiences to add to your spiritual growth so that you could use this acquired wisdom to contribute to the lives of others. By forgiving others, you complete with your past pain and open the door to being able to forgive yourself and move on to happier times.

7. Hire a coach to support you to embrace the process of personal development. Realize that every experience has prepared you to gain in your ability to contribute your gifts to others. Have the courage to decide to live from a newly invented declaration that represents the person you have decided to be rather than what the negative evidence of the past dictates. Fall in love with the learning process as you become a student of your own behavior and that of others.


8. Reinvent Yourself. Create a powerful and inspiring vision for your future. Write out your vision for your life in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years, describing in details what you will have, do and be known for as well as who you will contribute to. Describe in detail all 6 key areas of your life including your health and appearance, wealth and finances, job or business, relationships, personal and spiritual development, and how you will have fun, recreate and pursue your passions.  Take daily actions that support those goals that align with that compelling vision. 

9. Decide to have fun and live with passion. Hire a fun coach who can challenge you to add fun activities to your daily life. Explore new hobbies, interests, and develop new passions and friendships. Do at least 1 new fun activity every single day for yourself.

10. Take the focus off yourself and your own petty concerns. Find other people or worthwhile causes to contribute your time and energy. Decide to make everyone’s day a bit better than you found them. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, nursing home, or hospital. Give to others freely and watch what you’ll receive in return.

When you make the daily conscious decision to be happy moment by moment and manage your addiction to sadness by shifting your thought process the moment you feel the least bit blue, your world will miraculously transform for the better.

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