5 Ways For Children To Effectively Deal With Bullying


5 Ways For Children To Effectively Deal With Bullying
Children can learn to deal successfully with bullies and put an end to their abusive behavior.

2. Communicate the situation with a teacher, parent, or adult authority figure right away. Do not think that you are being weak by telling on the bully. The bully is a sick individual and needs help, guidance, education, behavioral correction and often times will need to pay the price for what is often criminal behavior. In most cases, by exposing the bully’s behavior and having adults communicate the dire consequences it deserves, the bullying will cease to exist because the bully will realize that this unacceptable behavior brings with it serious legal consequences and punishments.



3. Don’t allow the bully to intimidate you. Know that you can effectively stop his or her bad behavior with the assistance of others. Bullying is a criminal act and should be treated as such. If you see others being bullied, notify the authorities and take a stand that further violations will not be tolerated. Bullies thrive on intimidation and fear. Stay strong and confident, get support, and know that the situation will work out well in the end.

4. Request the support of friends to join you in taking a stand against the bully’s behavior. Social pressure condemning such actions is a powerful deterrent to put a bully in his or her place. When the bully realizes that such intolerable offenses merit punishment, social condemnation, and have no place in a civilized society, he or she will realize that they has no choice but to cease such activity.

5. Build your self-esteem. The better you feel about yourself the less you will fall prey to the sick behavior of others. You have the personal power and no one can take that away from you. Only you can allow your self-esteem to be diminished and only you can do what it takes to restore it. Speak with a knowledgeable counselor or competent self-esteem elevation coach, take on a self-study personal development program that will support you to increase your charisma, personal effectiveness, and ability to deal successfully with challenging situations and difficult people.  Know that every problematic situation is there for your education, increase in knowledge and wisdom and can serve as a valuable lesson that you can use to grow in empathy and understanding. Consider such challenges as gifts you need to grow personally and spiritually and be better able to contribute your gifts and wisdom to others as a result of what you’ve learned through the process.

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