One Question That Can Help Save Your Marriage


One Question That Can Help Save Your Marriage
When you don't know what makes your partner feel loved, you are probably doing something else.

What’s the one question that can save a lot of misused energy in loving your partner?

 Regularly ask your partner, “Do you feel loved by me and if not, what would make the difference.“


You see deep down, we human beings know that we cannot survive without another or others that we can turn to.

You just didn’t survive in a jungle as a human being without a connection.  We want to feel that someone cares and will watch our back.

Of course we also yearn to have someone who can celebrate our victories and hold us when we lose someone we love.  The bond between us creatures is fragile but lifesaving.

After too much pressure and long work hours, you can turn to your various screens and lose that which ultimately is most precious to us.

So ask a question along the lines of: “What can I do this week that will help you feel loved”?  You may be surprised.  Your partner may love a gift, but it may be time, or touch or just listening or accomplishing things that would feel supportive. 

By asking and responding to this question of each other, neither of you is likely to assume that the other simply does not care.  Act as if your marriage depended on it.

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