Should therapists play cupid?


Should therapists play cupid?

Like I said, it’s shaky ground.  You start bending rules and it becomes a slippery slope.  Suddenly you may not have a therapist anymore but a friend.

Your therapist may care deeply about you and know you better than anyone, but even so, your therapist should not be your friend.  I could see myself being friends with some of my clients as several of them might share my values and sense of humor, and I like them a lot, but I wouldn’t think twice about the possibility because I am their therapist!


I really agreed whole heartedly with Dr. Kolmes on the Huffington Post panel.  Clearly we have similar backgrounds and training – she completed the same doctoral program I did a few years prior to me.  She seemed to be the only therapist of the 4 that didn’t seem to have thought twice about playing matchmaker – it is simply not clinically good practice and so it flies out the window.

So – my answer to whether or not your therapist should play cupid is a resounding NO!

What do you think?  Leave your comments on the blog!

Cheers to your best relationship – not set up by your therapist ;-)


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