The missing ingredient you need to create your best relationship


The missing ingredient you need to create your best relationship

If you are the kind of couple that can talk about these issues without it turning into a fight, then go for it.  Open communication is obviously a good thing in any relationship.  With most relationships that don’t have this trust thing going on, it’s more tricky than that, and your partner may be apt to hear that you are complaining if you bring up the fact that you don’t feel he or she is there for you.

So, what do you do?


1.) Look in the mirror

Ask yourself the A.R.E. questions from your partner’s perspective.  Are you Accessible, Responsive and Engaged?  How would your partner answer those questions about you?

2.) Turn it up

Even if you consider yourself to be the most Accessible, Responsive and Engaged person on the planet, you can still probably turn it up a few notches.  Take even more steps to show your partner that you really care, are available and interested in their world.  Go out of your way.  Try this for a week or two.

3.) Check in

You’ve gone out of your way to be a rockstar of a partner and you’re probably asking “what’s in it for me?”  Do you notice any difference in your partner?  Do you feel any of that care or concern being reciprocated?  Did your partner notice any differences?

If you’ve noticed any positive changes as a result of this exercise, great.  Let your partner in on your secret that you’ve been making efforts to be a better mate, and let them know that you’ve noticed it seems mutual.  Appreciate that openly and commit to keeping it up.

That’s the best case scenario.

Worst case?

Your partner doesn’t care, notice, and certainly doesn’t seem to make any effort to reciprocate.

What to do then?

Now it’s time to be honest.  Let your partner know what’s going on for you.  But first…



You’re taking a big risk and your partner may get defensive and feel like you are on the attack.

Try to do this from a vulnerable and honest place.  Your partner may be sensitive to criticism so please be sure to stay with your experience and don’t go into attack or blame mode.  I’m sure on some level you are resentful, but underneath that, I would imagine there is more hurt and sadness.  Is it safe to let your partner know this?

If this sounds too dangerous, as if it guarantees a fight, you might benefit from a new approach.

You could even explain that you read this article and wanted to create a closer and more trusting relationship, so you tried to be more Accessible, Responsive and Engaged.  You can then ask if your partner noticed.  This could be the starting point to a dialogue about your relationship.  Try to be honest and open and let them know how a little A.R.E. could go a long way.

Amplify the love and trust in your relationship this spring by paying attention to these three questions.

Check out this video of out John Gottman discussing even more on how to build trust:

How to Build Trust

Most importantly, take action today.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and comments, and how this worked for you if you gave it a shot.  Please leave your comments below.

Happy spring, finally, and cheers to your best, most accessible, responsive and engaged relationship,


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