Independence and your relationship


Independence and your relationship

If you deny your basic wired in need to safely connect with your partner, you don’t realize consciously when it’s not getting met, and you don’t know how to clearly ask for it.

A part of you then gets left hungry.


It doesn’t get fed, and sadly, you don’t even know what you’re hungry for, or perhaps that you are even hungry in the first place.  You just know that something doesn’t feel good in your relationship.

You might grow resentful, frustrated or distant.

You might be flat out angry.  All the time.

And if this hunger continues to go unfed, you’re in for serious trouble in your relationship.

Unless it gets fed, you’re either settling and unhappy, or separating.

You need a safe and secure emotional connection with your partner because you are human. 

Nothing is more important than getting that need met.

Get clear on what’s going on for you, be honest with yourself, and know what you need.  Your partner is not a mind reader and probably has no idea you feel that way.  And even though you have no idea, your partner probably wants more than anything to meet those needs.

Happy Independence Day – and may you be stronger and more independent as a result of your strong connection.

Cheers to your best relationship,


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