How to Improve Communication Without Saying a Word


How to Improve Communication Without Saying a Word

Not bad – especially for strangers!  They all underestimated their ability to communicate through touch, but with a 78% accuracy rate in decoding emotions communicated with touch, their ability to sense was greater than they knew.

The language of touch is one we are born with


We just sort of forget how important it is as we grow older.

And touch does so much for us

When touch is offered affectionately to another, it increases levels of oxytocin, a hormone indicated in bonding also referred to as “the cuddle hormone,” which has been shown to not only strengthen the bond between people but has also demonstrated anti-depressant and stress reducing effects as well.  Touch also lowers cortisol, a stress hormone that is indicated in many diseases.  Touch lowers one’s heart rate.   Even petting a dog or a cat can help lower blood pressure in individuals with hypertension.

What does touch say about the strength of a relationship?

Most relationships generally start out with some touch and increase to a peak as a couple falls in love.  After a couple commits to stay together, the amount of touching hasn’t been shown to continue to increase, but decreases to some extent and eventually levels off.

The health of a relationship is actually demonstrated not so much by how much touch there is (even though satisfied couples do tend to have higher rates of touching) but how much touch is reciprocated.  Just as it’s important for couples to turn toward each other especially during bids for emotional connection, reciprocating your partner’s touch is key to keep your relationship strong.

If your partner offers a touch and you respond in kind, your partner is more likely to rate your relationship as being characterized by intimacy, emotional responsiveness and satisfaction.  The happiest of relationships are those in which the ratio of touch is close to 1:1 by both partners.

Touching them back conveys the crucial message that they matter and you are responsive

There’s not much more that’s important in relationships than exchanging that message.

So get your touch on, and don’t forget to reciprocate when your partner reaches out to you with a touch.

Cheers to your best relationship,


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