The Best Present You Can Give


The Best Present You Can Give
It's not a diamond, but the best present to give your partner is your presence.

Make sure to set the alarm for times when you’re with your partner, on the evenings or weekends, for example, so that if the alarm catches you in a fight, you’ll have no excuse but to take a step back, check in with yourself, and be mindful, even if just for a minute.  Better yet, the alarm will ring when you’re in a really good place with your partner, and you’ll be able to notice that and enjoy it.



Making a habit of being mindfully aware is truly the best gift that you can give yourself and your partner not only on special occasions, but every day.   It will help you be truly present with each other and enjoy your relationship at its best.  It’s really not about the material stuff, it’s about being together.


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