3 Ways to Get Your Partner to Open Up


3 Ways to Get Your Partner to Open Up

So, if you can, pay attention to that tough exterior that you have.  Take a second to even acknowledge it, and try to let it go.

Let him know what’s really going on underneath, that you just want in.


If it’s true, let him know that you realize you can be hostile at times, but you just so desperately want to hear from him.

If you’re lonely and sad, show him your true feelings.  Most often when you open your mouth and tell him something, all he sees is red.

But if you show him your softer side, he’ll be less afraid.

You are more powerful than you realize.

And you are more important to your partner than you know.

Show him your truth and he’ll be more likely to respond.

3 ways to get your partner to open up include backing off, being nice, and getting vulnerable.


Was this helpful?  I realize I spoke in generalizations here, but hopefully some of it hit home if you can identify with any of it.

Please let me know your thoughts below, and if you try out any of these strategies to get your partner to open up, let me know how it goes!

Cheers to your best relationship,


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